Forming and Blanking Production

Forming and blanking  production has possibility of production (by tool set of the customer or by manufacturing of own tool set) pressed parts of sheet material with a  thickness from 0,06 mm to 5 mm, with accuracy of performance of the sizes up to 11 quality class. Blank production is equipped with the following equipment:

· mechanical presses with tonnage from 6,3 tons to 100 tons which allows to carry out all spectrum of technological operations of cold sheet stamping: chipping, notching, punching, bending, stretching, moulding;

· automatic presses with tonnage of 10 tons which allow to carry out notching of the parts with the size up to 40 mm of the tape with a thickness up to 1 mm with a speed from 150 to 450 blows per minute;

· stamping press with tonnage of 160 tons, 250 tons which allow to carry out stamping, flattening, notching, grooving application;

· double action presses with tonnage of 63 tons, 100 tons which allow to carry out deep drawing of parts of various shapes with a height up to 180 mm, diameter up to 200mm and thickness up to 2 mm;

· sheet bending machines and sheet bending presses with tonnage up to 100 tons which allow to carry out bending of the parts with a length up to 2,5 m;

· automatic cutoff machines which allow to execute cutting-off of rounds with diameter up to 350 mm,  including the bandsawing automatic machine produced by "PILOUS" Firm, Czechia, which allow to cut blanks with diameter up to 240 mm with accuracy up to 0,2 mm, as well as guillotine  scissors for cutting of flats with a thickness up to 6 mm and cutting length up to 3 metres;

· tumbling equipment which allow to remove burrs from the parts by abrasive powder or porcelain prisms and polishing equipment which allow to execute  various polishing of the parts (including foundry) with nosing of sharp edges by means of porcelain and steel balls.
There is a division of step-by-step stamping which allow to carry out the parts of complex configuration by small series without tool set and without long-term preproduction. A special universal tool set for cutting-off, punching, notching, chipping, bending etc. as well as beaders, forming rolls with a width up to 1 m, drilling, thread-cutting, cleaning machines and other equipment are being used in the division.