Assembly Works

Assembly Works are being carried out on conveyors and in individual order by the specialized by kinds and series of the products being manufactured assemblings, as well as by the specialized assembly floors of the corresponding shops.

Along with the centralized divisions of the Enterprise the assemblings have their own divisions of machining process (including engraving division), wiring (including surface cabling) and the laboratories which provide for complete cycle of assembly and acceptance tests of the products being manufactured within the framework of one production.

For execution of the works which demand ensuring of special cleanliness there are special premises with a microclimate and content of maximum 1000 dust particles with the size of 1 microns per 1 l of air;

The equipment of assemblings and qualification of the executors allow to provide for:
· alignment of the linear sizes, parallelism, perpendicularity with the accuracy up to 0,01-0,001 mm;
· adjustment and check of optical Technical Data and parameters;
· adjustment and check of analogue and digital electronic functional units of the devices;
· tightness of the units and devices under pressure up to 10 atm.

The assembling of gas meters is equipped with the specialized equipment which allow to produce gas meters of various dimension type.
Kinds of equipment being used for production of gas meters:
· automated test complex equipped with multiposition benches which enable to carry out check of the basic relative error at consumption from Qmax-10m3/h up to Qmin-0,016
м3/h. Reading is automated and is being carried out by means of gauges with subsequent calculation and display on PC. The range of the permissible basic relative error of the bench within the range of consumption: Q min up to 0,1, Qnom-1 %, above 0,1 Q nom up to Qmax-0,5 %;
· multiposition bench of tightness test equipped with the unit for drying of compressed air with cooling named «BOGE KOMPRESSOREN»;
· the equipment for control and ensuring of all-the-year-round special climatic conditions;
· air-conditioning centre.

The temperature of 20ºC-21º
С is being provided for by IR radiators produced by the Enterprise with automatic mode maintenance.