Processing of Polymeric Materials

Processing of polymer materials is being performed by die casting method and compression. Materials of 24 kinds, both thermoplastic of various groups and brands, as well as thermosetting (karbolits of various brands, fiberglass) are being applied. The most frequently used materials are shock-resistant polystyrene, АBС, Hostaform, Fortron, polycarbonate. There is a site of processing of rubber mixes of various brands. The process of production of polymeric optics has been mastered. The maximum weight of castings - 1-1,2 kg. The nomenclature of the parts being produced by this method amounts to 870-950 names. The parts made of thermoplastic polymers and rubber mixes are being widely used in such products as gas meters,  consumer goods, brake system units.

The parts of thermosetting polymeric materials and rubbers are being produced on hydraulic presses of vertical type with tonnage of 160 tons, the press produced by  "Hydropress" Plant, Russia. The parts of thermoplastic polymers are being produced by thermoplastic machines produced by «ENGEL», «ARBURG», «IDRA», «HEMSCAIT», «KUASY» Firms. In 2008 four thermoplastic machines produced by  Baranovichsky Engineering Plant of ATLANT Close Corporation.