Optical Production

Optical Production has great production capabilities to produce potentialities quickly and with high quality optical parts of glass and crystals in necessary quantities:

· lenses with spherical and flat surfaces with diameters from 3 mm to 200mm:
- accuracy of manufacturing of working surfaces - up to l/10;
- radius range - from 2mm ad infinitum;
- thickness in the centre to diameter ratio – up to 1:20, edge thickness – up to 0,3 mm.

· cemented optical parts:
- diameter of lenses – up to 100 mm two-and three-component;
- glass linear expansion factor difference  - up to 66x10-7 º
- cementing is being executed both by traditional technology as well as with application of the technology of ultrasonic hardening which provides for manufacturing of the high accuracy units resistant to effect of mechanical and climatic factors.

· plates and wedges:
- diameter up to 200 mm, thickness to diameter ratio – up to 1:30, surface accuracy – up to l/20, nonparallelism – up to 1”, selected wedge angle deviation - up to 2”.

· prisms:
- the following kinds of prisms are being produced: rectangular, rhombic, pentaprisms - and semipentaprisms, Dove prisms, Schmidt, Abbe, Pehan prisms, cemented cubic prisms;
- the sizes of faces - from 3 mm to 100 mm.;
- angle accuracy  - up to 2”;
- pyramidality - up to 5”;
- surface accuracy - up to l/20.

· angular and linear grids and scales:
- methods of manufacturing - engraving-dividing and photolithographic;
- maximum sizes of a substrate for grids – up to 150 mm.;
- size of image elements - from 8 microns.;
- transmission density of a coating - up to 3 D.

· coatings:
- method of production - vacuum and chemical;
- spectral range - visible, close-range IR;
- kinds of coatings: antireflecting, including achromatic; mirror, including high-reflecting dielectric; conducting; beam-splitting; interference filtering coatings.

The coatings are being applied on the surfaces of the above-mentioned  nomenclature of the parts. The parameters of coatings correspond to the requirements of the modern instrument making.