Machining Process

Machining Process Production is equipped with universal, specialized and special machine tools, including turning, milling machines, NC horizontal borers and machining centers which allow to produce complex machining of the parts under  conditions of small-scale production as well as in series. The material of the parts being processed – structural, stainless and heat-resistant steels, nonferrous materials alloys, including titanium and magnesium alloys.
Kinds of the parts being processed:
· cases, covers, brackets, boards, cams and other parts with the sizes up to 500 mm; various parts of the type of "body of revolution» with diameter up to 200 mm and length up to 600 mm; accuracy of the surfaces being processed -  7-9 quality class,  deviation from the geometrical shape - 0,005-0,01 mm;

· high-precision measuring, flat guideways and round beams with a length up to 1500 mm and diameter up to 200 mm, cumulative pitch error on a length of 1000 mm – up to 0,015 mm, geometry deviation  - up to 0,02 mm on the whole length;

· parts of gyroscopes with diameter up to 100 mm;

· parts of various configuration with diameter from 0,5 mm to 40 mm;

· tooth gears (spurs and spiral gears) with the module from 0,2 mm to 3 mm and diameter up to 300 mm, degree of accuracy 7-9, as well as worm gears and worms.
High-efficiency technological process of final polishing of dead-end holes and  through holes in the parts made of aluminium alloys and steels by means of roller burnishers is being applied at the Enterprise. The Technical Data of a surface being processed: roughness before rolling-off - Ra =0,8, after rolling-off - Ra =0,2-0,63, accuracy of the holes being processed - 8-10 quality classes.

The sites of processing centres available at the Enterprise allow to execute  complex machining ­ of body parts with ­ dimensions up to 500 mm. The sites ­ are equipped with high-efficient ­ vertical processing ­ centres of the new generation of model DMU 60 P (manufacturer - DECKEL-MAHO Firm, Germany), models VF-2DHE; VF-3DHE (HAAS Firm, USA), as well as horizontal processing centres of models IR 500P
МF4, IR 320PМF4, НР-5, МS032.

Along with traditional NC machines of models 16
А20F3, 16B16Т, IТ-42, ТPК-125 the new NC turret machines of the models SL-10HE; SL-20HE (HAAS Firm, USA) and ultraprecision NC lathe of model PD/B-MS-V3 (SPINNER Firm, Germany) operate at the Enterprise. The fact that machines of models SL-20HE; PD/B-MS-V3 are equipped with power tools allows to execute complex final polishing of high-precision parts of the lenses with execution of finishing operations.