In foundry at manufacturing of the mouldings the following methods of molding are being applied:
· die casting;
· investment casting;
· gravity die casting;
· sand casting;

One of the basic trends in foundry is manufacturing of mouldings by die casting method. A high technological level has been achieved in production of mouldings of aluminium-silicon, aluminium-silicon-copper alloys and zinc alloys. The weight of the parts being casted - from several grams to 12 kg. Heat of metal is being executed in induction furnaces with mains frequency of I
АТ-04 with refined double flux, degasing pellets and filtration of the molten metal through a special grid. Production of mouldings is being executed by means of die casting machines with closing force from 160 to 1100 t/forces produced by "BUHLER" (Switzerland), «ITALPRESSE» (Italy), «VIHORLAT» (Slovakia) firms.

In 2003-2005 six new die casting machines produced by "BUHLER" Firm (Classic-26D, Classic-34D, Classic-42D) which are controlled by computer have been  bought. They are equipped with the system of sensors for a feedback which allows to supervise and correct in real time all parameters of technological process according to the stated programme.

At die casting workshop castings of body parts of gas meters, pneumatic devices of brake systems of heavy haulers, Sighting devices are being produced.

95 % of the castings being produced are subject to tightness control at excess pressure up to 10 atm., at that most of castings have wall thickness within the range of 2 ÷ 2,5 mm.

The monthly flow of mouldings varies (depending on the casting nomenclature) within 70-80 tons. The nomenclature of the mastered and being produced by die casting method castings amounts to 1100-1250 names.