We will buy



Pipes/ Sheets

OJSC “MMW named after S.I. Vavilov – managing company of BelOMO holding 
plans to purchase the materials and     with regular delivery by months on the following terms:
  • Type of purchase procedure: open
  • Source of finance: own funds
  • Terms of payment: advance payment, partial advance payment, with delay of payment, pay per delivery
  • Currency of payment: BYR , RUB , USD , EUR
  • Due date: 15 days after conclusion of the Contract
  • Place of delivery of the Goods: RB, 220 114, city of Minsk, 23, Makayonok St.
  • The price of the Goods should be fixed within the period of validity of the Contract.
The tender offer which allows to correct the prices in direction of increase will be considered as if it does not meet the terms of the tender and will be rejected. The applicants who have submitted the tender offers on a part of the Goods being purchased are allowed to take part in the tender.
The Goods should correspond to the terms of the requirements specification within the whole term of execution of the obligations under the concluded contract.
The applicants who have submitted tender offers on delivery of the Goods with the engineering solutions similar to the above-mentioned.
The applicants who have submitted the following documents, are allowed to take part in a tender::
  1. Registration Certificate;
  2. Reference from the bank of economic solvency;
  3. Certificates of Quality;
  4. Certificates of Competence specified by the Instructions for the participants of the tender.
For awarding the purchase contract the following criteria will be used:
Specific weight
Quantity of points being calculated
Quality  (warranty period)
Term of delivery
Terms of payment
The procedure of purchasing of the materials and componentry is being carried out by the tender commission of the enterprise.
220114, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 23, Makayonok St.