Small arms upgrade

The effectiveness of the majority of the small arms used by the security forces in some foreign countries is no longer meeting the modern requirements of warfare. After all, even such well-proven weapons as submachine guns, Kalashnikov hand-held machine guns and Kalashnikov general-purpose machine guns were created almost 50 years ago. Over time, the nature of combat operations has changed significantly. Experts from the small arms leading countries say that no new types of weapons are to be created in the next 25 years.

For this reason, the USA, Germany, Sweden, Turkey and other countries are embarking on the path of small arms upgrade now. Upgrade is done via equipping small arms with optical and optical-electronic sighting devices, as well as through weapon ergonomics enhancement.

The combat effectiveness of the automatic small arms used by the security forces in some foreign countries can be significantly increased through upgrade, which is much more profitable than purchasing new weapons from other countries.

The main idea of BelOMO Holding upgrade is as follows:

a) Common AKM, AK-74, AK-74U machine guns, PKM machine guns, as well as foreign weapons are being equipped with side rails providing for modern sights mounting. The design and technology for carrying out these procedures at ordinary army workshops are available at BelOMO Holding.

b) 75% of assault rifles are being equipped with red dot sights, and the remaining 25% are fitted with 3.5x21P & 3.5x17.5P Optical Sights. As a result, the daytime combat effectiveness of assault rifles increases 2…3x times, while their nighttime effectiveness intensifies >5x times. In addition, the assault rifles of assault, airborne and reconnaissance teams are being furnished with NVS-17M Night Vision Sights, laser pointers and tactical lights. Finally, Gen. II / Gen. III night vision goggles are provided to a part of the shooters to be used in combination with red dot sights and IR lasers. 

c) Machine guns are being fitted with 3.5x21P / PSP-1 Optical Sights. This increases their combat effectiveness >3x times.

It should be especially noted that after minor upgrade the shortened Kalashnikov AKS-74U assault rifle acquires unique combat properties and become a true masterpiece among a new class of weapons called self-protection arms. Nowadays it is very difficult to conduct accurate fire from a regular AKS-74U during the day and completely impossible at night. The reason for this is its extremely short aiming base. In the course of minor upgrade this drawback is being completely removed. For red dot sights mounting, the rifle is being fitted with either a side rail (like on regular AK-74N assault rifles) or a top rail. In addition, the rifle can be equipped with 2 types of laser designators and an ultra-compact tactical light. Real-life shooting at ranges up to 400 m has proved that the combat effectiveness of the shortened assault rifles upgraded in this way is identical to the effectiveness of the upgraded AK-74 assault rifles, while compactness makes shortened AKS-74U indispensable for support soldiers: driver-mechanics, artillerymen, tank soldiers, communications operators, doctors and cooks. 

The effectiveness of upgraded weapons increases 2…5x times in various types of combat operations, and the consumption of ammunition is reduced by multiple times. Finally, the time spent on shooting training with upgraded weapons is significantly reduced too.