Optical Sights for Small Arms

COD2 Complex Sight

Such combination enables excellent high-rate fire at close distances, and at the same time makes it possible to aim and to observe important well-camouflaged targets (including those in bullet-proof protection) at medium and long distances.

PО 3,5х17,5P Optical Sight with Reticle Illumination

Supercompact and extralight, developed for commandoes and other mobile divisions.

PО 3,5х21P Optical Sight

PО 3,5х21P Optical Sight – the way of increase of combat efficiency of the small arms.

PO 4*17 Optical Sight

Compact optical sight with increased field of view.

PO 4*24 P Optical Sight

Effective solution for aiming and observing well-masked targets on medium and long distances, in particular – in street combat.

POSP 6*24 Optical Sight

Optical Sights are intended for conducting of shotgun aimed fire, as well as for observation of the objects of nature. Reticle illumination allows to execute aiming in the twilight.

POSP 12*50 Telescopic Sight

Excellent solution for large-calibre sniper rifles OSV96 or W03 for shooting during day time or in twilights (with reticle illumination).