PК-42 Collimator Sight

PК-42 collimator sight – is a modern sight with automatic brightness control of the aiming mark and switching of the type of the aiming mark. It is intended for fast and accurate targeting at various types of weapon at shooting at day time and in the twilight, under conditions of bad visibility and quickly changing illumination level.
The sight represents the optoelectronic device with magnification 1x which ensures the possibility of observation of the target with both eyes. At  targeting the shooter simultaneously observes the target with the aiming mark applied on it with both eyes. For accurate hit at shooting it is necessary to match the aiming mark with the target.
The sight represents the optical device with a light-emitting diode.
 It is intended for mounting on a hunting rifle which has the seat - a guide strip of the type «Picatinny rail MIL-STD 1913», a guide strip of the type «Dovetail».
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