PК-01 VM Collimator Sight

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The Sight is designated for targeting of automatic small arms at shooting under any illumination conditions: at day time, in the twilight, at night at use in combination with the night vision devices (night vision goggles of NV/G-14 type, night vision monoculars of type NV/M-19). The Sight is being produced in 8 versions for guide strips of the type «Dovetail» (it is located on a lateral surface of the shot gun receiver) and «Picatinny rail MIL-STD 1913», and also with two types of aiming mark: in the form of a dot and in the form of «Т». It is being mounted on AK submachine guns of all modifications, as well as on G36 submachine guns, FN machine guns, M-16 rifles of all modifications, G3 and other automatic small arms which have a guide strip of the type «Dovetail» or «Picatinny rail MIL-STD 1913» by means of brackets.
Visible magnification, ratio
Deviation of the position of the aiming mark from the focal plane of the Sight lens, dptr.
0... -0,2
Range of adjustment from zero line of sight in two mutually perpendicular directions, min.
± 10
Aiming mark brightness gradation number
Adjustment step of the Sight per 100 m, cm
Angular size of the aiming mark,
ang. min., max.
Exit pupil diameter, mm
Operating temperature range, °C
-40… +50
Overall dimensions, mm
68х65х145 – 170х90х145
Weight, kg
0,55 – 0,70
Power source
1хАА with a voltage of 1,5V
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