PGK Collimator Sight for Hand Antitank Grenade Launchers

A modern, light, extremely simple and reliable in exploitation, PGK Collimator Sight is intended for fast and exact targeting of the grenade launcher e purpose of a grenade launcher. It is equally effective at use of it with disposable and conventional grenade launchers of the type RPG-7. The Sight allows to conduct aimed fire in the twilight and at night. PGK Collimator Sight is the only one of the existing sights which ensures the possibility of aiming in darkness in combination with the Night Vision Goggles of generation 2 and 3. The peculiarity of the Sight is two horizontal lines of the aiming mark symmetric relative to the aiming mark overlay of which on the target allows to measure the distance to the tanks and BMP irrespective of the angle of target.
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