LS Spectral Loupe

The spectral loupes of the following modifications LS-1, LS-1M, LS-2, LS-2M, LS-3, LS-3M enable to carry out control of authenticity of bank notes, documents and documentary stamps for the following:
1. Presence (absence) of the protective elements of the documents, bank notes and securities.
2. Detection of the places of alterations to the initial contents of the document by additional inscriptions, additional drawings, etching, washing off.
3. Presence (absence) of watermarks, strips and threads of safety, colour fibres and other protective elements of the basis of the document (paper, plastic).
4. Signs of the basic means of polygraphic protection (iris paint roll, metallographic, relief printing, offset printing and other types of printing, microprinting, holograms etc.).
5. Presence (absence) of absorptive or fluorescent UV properties of the materials of the document being checked.
6. Presence (absence) of anti-Stokes protection (IR fluorescence).

Technical Data:

Eyepiece magnification, ratio                                            10-1,1
Eyepiece field of view, mm                                                   Ǿ20±10%
Radiation spectral range µm* of:
- “white light”                                                                         0,4...0,7
- IR light                                                                              0,92...0,96
- UV light                                                                             0,36...0,37
Linear scale range of monitor disc, mm                                      12
Linear scale division value, mm                                               0,1
Angular scale range of monitor disc, deg.                                 90
Angular scale division value, deg.                                             1
Radial scale range of monitor disc, mm                                   10
Radial scale division value, mm                                                2
Supply voltage, V (type of source)                                         3(2-AAA)
Power consumption, W, max.                                                  400
Weight, kg, max.                                                                     0,07
Overall dimensions, mm, max.                                            105x42x38
Protection elements
Spectral loupe
LS-1, LS-1M LS-2, LS-2M LS-3, LS-3M
Quality of printing, protective fibres, micro text
UV protection
IR protection
Estimation of angular, radial and linear dimensions
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