“ZORKI” Optoelectronic and Radiolocation Observation Complex





- Radar Detection and coordinates’ measuring for moving ground and low altitude air objects, including small and low-speed UAV and micro drones

- Detected ground and air targets’ Radar Tracking in 360 degrees and sector scan modes

- Outputting the tracked objects measured parameters to optic and external devices

- Optical visual detection and real-time recognition

- Selected target’s Automatic Optical tracking

- Day and night effective operation under any weather conditions


Target Detection Range



8 km

Armored vehicle

20 km

Target Recognition Range



3,6 km

Armored vehicle

13 km

Target Identification Range



1,9 km

Armored vehicle

6,5 km

Technical Data


Maximum range

25 km

Space scanning

Circular scanning 360 deg. sector scanning

Measured coordinates

Azimuth, distance, velocity

Number of simultaneously tracked objects

not less 150

Laser Rangefinder

up to 20 000 m

Sniper and observer detection

up to 2 500 m


N x 360 in azimuth, 90deg/s


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