“BELOMO EWP FISHEYE LENS MS 3.5/8A” Photographic Lens

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One of the basic advantages of 3.5х8а Lens is its appearance. The Lens has a pleasant and ergonomic design. Thanks to application of special technologies and special optical scheme it is rather light and compact.

The materials which are being applied for 3.5х8 Lens production - glass and metal, of course, demand care, but not such care as in case of application of plastic which is being very often applied by foreign manufacturers of the similar lenses. Our lenses can be used more efficiently than those made of plastic and will serve for longer period than plastic lenses. Quality of lenses will satisfy both the requirements of skilled amateur photographers, as well as a considerable part of the requirements of the strict professionals.

3.5х8а Lens is designed in minimalistic style for increase of reliability. It has all necessary components  and nothing superfluous. It allows to fulfil all tasks. It deliberately does not contain electronic components, it is completely manual since in practice such type of lenses does not need electronic components in view of very small focal distances. Electronic components, certainly, increase convenience, but reduce the service life of the lens. As it is generally known, the less parts the device has, the less  chances that something will be broken. We adhered to this concept in the course of development of the Lens. Electronic components account for approximately 30% of the parts of the Lens, accordingly the chances of breaking of the Lens in case of absence of electronic components decrease by 30 %.

Relative aperture «3,5» testifies of the sufficient lens aperture which allows to receive a light-coloured image in the viewfinder of the reflex camera and to perform photographing under low illumination conditions. In this respect the  lens is not worse than the foreign analogues. Chromatic aberrations which are practically inevitable in similar optical systems are rather insignificant and are at the level of the foreign analogues. At that they can be easily corrected in the corresponding sections of Photoshop program.

The lens depth of field is rather great, however in practice there can be a deceptive impression that the scales of depth of field do not absolutely precisely correspond to the real image.

           "BELOMO EWP FISHEYE LENS MC 3,5/8А" is a  superwide-angle lens of "circular fish eye" type with a coated optics. The distinctive feature of the lens is a field of view of 180° in all the directions which enables to fix on a film all forward semisphere of the object space.
           The lens guarantees uncommonness of taking pictures, in the course of operation it is capable to place at a short distance in a frame the subjects which have fascinated you, original natural landscapes, the whole architectural ensembles giving a new image to them. By changing the  usual  proportions of the subjects the lens allows to receive rather unusual and impressing graphic effects. The lens is also irreplaceable at taking pictures indoors. Due to the great depth of focus the lens is effective at taking pictures of sporting events and running commentaries. Possibility of photographing from short distance enables to apply it for taking pictures of architectural ensembles,  panoramic photography and panoramic scenes.
           The image being received by the lens represents a circle with a diameter of 24 mm, occupies only a small part of a frame 24x36 and should be inserted into the small part of a frame. The geometrical centres of the image and the frame coincide. Control of a diaphragm is being executed manually. The lens has the device of preliminary adjustment of a diaphragm which increases efficiency at photographing and the complete set of replaceable optical filters.
Focal distance, mm
Relative aperture
1:3,33 ÷ 1:20,0
Field of view angle, deg.
Resolution, mm:
               in the centre
Minimum distance at taking a picture, m
Transmission factor
Overall dimensions, mm diameter/length
           It can be used with film and digital cameras of various manufacturers. There are original bayonets for use on cameras of “Canon” trade marks (a bayonet "EOS" with a flange focal distance of 44 mm.), “Nikon” (a bayonet "Н" with a flange focal distance of 46,5 mm), “Olympus”, “Zenith” ( bayonet "М42x1" with connection thread М42x1 and a flange focal distance of 45,5 mm) and "Kiev" ( bayonet "Н" with a flange focal distance of 46,5 mm). With application of bayonet "М42x1" with connection thread М42x1 and a flange focal distance of 45,5 mm and a corresponding adapter the lens can be used with film and digital cameras of different manufacturers, including Sony, Minolta, Pentax, Samsung and others.

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