Stomatological Binocular Spectacles

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          Stomatological binocular spectacles are designated for use in stomatology and general surgery. Magnification enables to discern small structures of the surface under study and thus creates conditions for perfect performance quality.
Excellent stereoscopic image opens up new possibilities for your examination.
Technical Data:
Magnification, ratio
Focal distance, mm
Linear field of view, mm
Depth of focus, mm
Eye base line, mm
Weight, g
-          loupe, pos. 1
-          suspension bracket – pos. 2
-          spectacle frame – pos. 3
-          neck string – pos. 4
-          protective glass – pos.5
-Loupe (pos. 1) provides for high quality of image and accuracy of colour reproduction which gives the excellent image quality, including the periphery of the object. High depth of focus is an advantage. Wide field of view provides for optimum vision of the operating surface. The loupe is equipped with a removable protective glass with a rubber attachment for protection of optics against external action. Small diameter of a loupe enables to look at the object surface outside a field of view of the loupe.
- Suspension bracket (pos. 2) provides for accurate individual adjustment of interpupillary distance (eye base line) and the angle of view. Adjustment of an eye base line within a range of 55-75 mm should be carried out independently on the right and on the left. If magnification is not required, the user can remove binocular loupes from a sight axis upwards without change of the chosen options. An angular travel of a suspension bracket - 90 degrees
- Spectacle frame (pos. 3) has an attractive and functional design. It suits for any form of a head and face. Due to use of a modern polymer the frame has small weight, excellent strength properties and elasticity. An adjustable nose stop is made of thermoplastic elastomer for maximum comfort and is comfortable for any type of nose. The material of a nose stop prevents slipping. The left-hand and the right-hand bows have inserts of a soft rubber and holes for attaching of a neck string which prevents fall of the frame from the user’s head (pos. 4). The length of the string can be adjusted within a range of 500-700 mm.
-Protective glass (pos. 5) is designated for protection of a face, eyes of the user against abrasive materials, biological fluids, water. The glass is made of a strong polycarbone polymer, has a high factor of optical transmission, is resistant to mechanical damages. The design of the spectacles provides for quick and convenient replacement of a glass.
All the materials of the spectacles are hypoallergenic: they do not cause skin irritation and allergic reaction which enables to use this item during long-term manipulations.

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