DL-2 Laser Range Finder



Radiation wavelength
905±10 nm
Absolute error of distance measurement
±2 m
Range of measured distances
from 20 m to 2000 m
Discreteness of distance measurement
1 m
Number of simultaneously registered targets
Visible magnification of the optical channel  
Angular field of view of the optical channel
Diopter adjustment range of the ocular  
±5 dptr.
Power source
– four alkalinebatteries of AA type with rated voltage of 1.5 V – commercially available
Mount for tripod
Interface for data exchangeand remote control
optional, RS-232
Overall dimensions
185х95х65 mm
0.96 kg (metal body)
Operating temperature range
from minus 35 to plus 55 ºС
Protection of casing (body)  
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