KHP Optical Bore Sight Collimator

The device is designed for adjustment of red-dot (reflex), optical and night vision sights mounted on combat weapons. Provides significant saving of ammunition at real zeroing of weapons in field conditions. Useful for operation in combat divisions like squad, platoon, company. Has built-in reticle illumination for operation in conditions of insufficient light.

Focusing distance of the collimator – 200 m
Clear aperture of the lens – 35 mm
Deviation from parallelism of axis of barrel insert fitting place relatively to optical axis of the collimator – not more than ±1`
Interaxial distances between the optical axis of the collimator and axes of fitting places for the barrel insert – 60; 80; 100 mm
Power source – one lithium battery of 1/3N type with rated voltage of 3V
Overall dimensions – 130х47х133 mm
Weight – not more than 0.5 kg
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