KHP Laser Bore Sight Collimator


Laser Bore Sight Collimator
The device is designed for adjustment of optical and other types of sights mounted on combat weapons without prior fire for adjustment.
The collimator is an opto-electronic laser device that forms on a target spot of red or green laser radiation (green laser radiation is much more acceptable by human’s eye, for example in a bright sunny day). Bore sighting of a weapon is carried out by that spot.
Radiation wavelength – 630…650 nm / 532 nm
Output power of laser radiation – not less than 3 mW / not less than 1 mW*
Output beam divergence – not more than 0.5 mrad.
Deviation from parallelism of axis of barrel insert fitting place relatively to axis of laser radiation beam – not more than ±1`
Power source – one lithium battery of CR123A type with rated voltage of 3 V – commercially available
Overall dimensions – 100х25х45 mm
Weight – 0.15 kg
Operating temperature range – from minus 10 to plus 45 ºС
* - by Customer’s request
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