New Products

SGD4 Diaphragm Gas Meter

Diaphragm gas meters (hereinafter referred to as the Gas Meters) are designated for measuring the used quantity of natural gas per state standard GOST 5542-2014, vapors of liquefied petroleum gas per state standard STB 2262-2012 and other compatible gases being used for household or manufacturing needs.

PК-01BD Collimator Sight

The Sight is intended for targeting of automatic small arms at shooting under various illumination conditions: in the daytime, in the dusk, at night in combination with night vision devices .

TSL-30 IR/R Target Designator

TSL-30 IR/R Target Designator

TSL-IR/R Target Designator

TSL-IR/R Target Designator

COD2 Complex Sight

Such combination enables excellent high-rate fire at close distances, and at the same time makes it possible to aim and to observe important well-camouflaged targets (including those in bullet-proof protection) at medium and long distances.

PО 3,5х17,5P Optical Sight with Reticle Illumination

Supercompact and extralight, developed for commandoes and other mobile divisions.

PО 3,5х21P Optical Sight

PО 3,5х21P Optical Sight – the way of increase of combat efficiency of the small arms.

MBA Biological Microscope

The microscope is intended for analysis of various objects at viewing using the method of a light background in transmitted light. It can be used for execution of works in the field of medicine, biology, etc., as well as for educational purposes.

Thermal Imaging - TV Complex

The complex consists of the video camera and the thermal imager, combined on the rotating platform. The complex is designed for observation and tracking people, animals, vehicles at any illumination levels and weather conditions. Remote control of cameras and of rotating platform is performed manually, as well as using software complex for detection of movement, which enables automatic detection and guidance of moving objects.


Zenith Laser Rangefinder Module