Novelty! Electric Squeezer-Shredder SVPP-301

It is designated for extraction of a juice from green goods.
- Simple in operation
- Tanks for juice and cake
- Transparent cover
Technical Data:
       Capacity of juice squeezing , g/min,min
       Juice purity, % , min
      Rated power consumption, W
      Rated power supply voltage, V
      Energy consumption, kW/h
      Connecting cord with a plug length, m
       Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
Warranty period of the Electric Squeezer-Shredder - 2,5 years from the date of sale through retail chain.
Recommendations on exploitation of the Electric Squeezer-Shredder:
- Perform loading of the products in regular intervals, by small portions and only in an operating electric squeezer-shredder;
- Push the products in a feed bin only by means of a pusher;
- Press a pusher with a maximum force of 10 Н (1,0 kg);
- Do not load into a squeezer-shredder fruits with unextracted kernels;
- Do not use the mechanism of an extractor without product loading;
- For ensuring of reliable operation of an electric squeezer-shredder during service life it is recommended to make a break for 5-10 minutes after 0,5 hour of operation.
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