Electric dryer (8361)


The BelOMO electric dryer is designed for drying vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs at home. You can also cook marshmallow in it.

The electric dryer keeps fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms without loss of vitamins. The drying process is similar to natural. Dried foods retain their vivid natural color, aroma and taste. Medicinal herbs retain all their medicinal properties, essential oils after drying.

8361 electric dryer consists of: base, five baking trays, which are placed on top of each other, lids. The trays have a large drying surface - Ø 32 cm.

Working with a dryer:

Food must be washed, cut and placed on baking sheets. When preparing marshmallow, mashed fruit puree is laid out on the tray in a thin layer, and the tray itself is placed in one of the baking trays. The device is plugged into the socket.

Drying time depends on many factors: size, sugar content, degree of moisture saturation of the processed products, humidity of the air that enters the electric dryer, and ranges from 2 hours (for verdure) to 12 hours (for fruits).

The electric dryer has differential circuit of motion of air when heated air flows are directed from the periphery to the center of the trays which allows drying different products without mixing of smells, in contrast to the usual air flow pattern, where the air flow is directed from the bottom up through the grids of trays and food.

Drying efficiency is ensured by using the innovation decision in the construction - heated air is supplied by a fan into the baking tray (trays have double-layer wall), then horizontally onto each baking tray, while the air that has absorbed the moisture of the products is pushed out through the central channel vertically up.


Nominal alternating current voltage with frequency 50 hz,V 220±22
Nominal  power consumption, W 500 +25 -50
Drying temperature, Co  -(without heating),30,40,50,60,70
Drying time,h 1,2,4,8,12,16
Connecting cord with a plug length, m, min 1,5
Quantity of trays, pcs. 5
Overall dimensions, mm, max:
Diameter 347
Height 285
Weight, kg, max 4,0


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