Automatic Connecting Head (6022.35.21.110 (64226.35.21.110), (64226-3521110),6023.35.21.111(64226-3521111))

It is designed for connection of the main channel of the double-wire pneumatic system of tractor and trailer brake gear, as well as for automatic blocking of air supply during disconnection of heads.
Automatic connecting head is being applied for installation in a supply main (item 6022 (ЕSК 64226-3521110), with a cover of red colour) and in the main channel (item 6023 (ЕSК 64226-3521111) with a cover of yellow colour) of double-wire brake gear of the trailer (semitrailer) of MAZ, ZIL, КАМА Z, К R А Z motor vehicles.
Has certificates of conformity: РОСС BY. АЯ 09.В02810 BY/112 03.1.3 ВФ3386
Technical Data:          
Operating pressure, max., МPа (kg-force/cm²)
0,8 (8,0)
Range of operating temperatures, °С
-45÷ +70
Connecting thread
Overall dimensions, mm 
Weight, kg
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