Additional Pneumatic Valves

Double-wire Valve (6025.35.62.010) (64221-3562010)

It is designed for prevention of double load on brake mechanisms of back axle of MAZ, ZIL, КАМАZ, КRAZ motor vehicles due to blocking the system of reloading during activation of a hand brake.

Tyre Pump up Valve (8114.00.00.000)

It is intended for tyre pump up of the lorries. It can be applied for vehicles with pump up pressure of 0,8 … 1,15 MPa.

Muffler (8088.00.00.000, 8089.00.00.000)

The muffler is intended for reduction of a sound level at compressed air relief to the atmosphere in brake system ATS. It can be used for KamAZ, MAZ, UralAZ, PAZ, LAZ vehicles etc.

Air Distributor (8637.61.08.100)

Air distributor provides for emergency air vent from the door cylinders in emergency situation, repair and door mechanism failure.

Pneumatic Tracking Valve (8632.11.08.900)(7545-11008900)

It is intended for control of actuating mechanisms of the vehicles. The valve enables to adjust smoothly the travel of the actuating mechanisms and to fix it in any intermediate position (dependence of pressure on the pusher travel). It can be used for BelAZ vehicles.