Double-circuit Brake Valve (8099.35.14.108)

It is intended for regulation of supply and vent of compressed air within operating double-circuit brake system of the lorries. It can be used for MAZ, КаmAZ, PAZ vehicles.
The item is being produced in two versions: 8099.35.14.108, 8099.35.14.108-10, the feature of construction between two versions is availability of direct or corner exhaust window.
Has certificates of conformity
РОСС ВY. АЯ 09.В03226
BY/112 03.1.3 ВФ3389
Technical Data:                     
Maximum operating pressure in pneumatic system, MPa (kg-force/cm²) 
1,0 (10)
Operating pressure , MPa (kg-force/cm²)
0,8 (8,0)
Connecting sizes
M 12×1,5-6Н
M 16×1,5-6H
Range of operating temperatures, °С
-45 ÷ +80
Overall dimensions 8099.35.14.108, mm
Weight, kg
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