Double-circuit Brake Valve (8090.35.14.100) (8090)

It is intended for adjustment of compressed air supply and relief in the operating double-circuit brake system of the lorries, automatic control of pressure in a brake system of the front axle depending on the pressure being created by braking force regulator within the circuit of the rear axle. It can be used for MAZ, AMAZ, PAZ, KamAZ vehicles.
Has certificate of conformity:
РОСС ВY. АЯ 09.В03226
Technical Data:          
The maximum operating pressure in a pneumatic system, max., MPa (kg-force/cm²)
1,0 (10)
Operating pressure in a pneumatic system, max., MPa (kg-force/cm²)
0,8 (8,0)
Fitting sizes
Temperature range, С°
-45 ÷ +80
Internal diameter of supply and outlet pipes, mm
Overall dimensions, max., mm
Adjustment ratio, i
Weight, kg
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