Trailer Brake Control Valve (6024.35.22.010) (64221-3522010)

It is designed for control of the brake system of the trailer with double-wire drive of MAZ, ZIL, KamAZ motor vehicles. At break of a control brake line of the trailer blocking of compressed air being supplied from from the motor vehicle to the trailer takes place with simultaneous supply main pressure decrease.
Is is being produced in two versions (6024.35.22.010 and 6024.35.22.010-10). The design peculiarity of model 6024.35.22.010-10 is availability of the muffler (8088.00.00.000) which is intended for decrease of noise level at release of compressed air in an atmosphere.
Has certificates of conformity РОСС BY.АЯ09. В02810, BYВФ3386
Technical Data:                      
Operating pressure, max., МPа (kg-force/cm²)
0,8 (8,0)
Range of operating temperatures, °С
-45 ÷ +80
Connecting thread M
М 16×1,5-6H
Overall dimensions, mm
Overall dimensions (6024.35.22.010-10), mm
Weight, kg 
Weight, kg (6024.35.22.010-10)
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