Automatic Regulator of Braking Forces (8691.35.33.100)

It is intended for automatic adjustment of the braking force of pneumatic brake cylinders on the axes with a pneumosuspension bracket depending on pressure in a pneumocylinder and, accordingly, on loading of the motor car. It can be used for motor cars with pneumosuspension bracket MAZ, KamAZ.
Technical Data:          
Maximum operating pressure MPa (kg-force/cm²)
1,0 (10)
Operating pressure, MPa (kg-force/cm²)
0,8 (8,0)
Adjustment ratio
1:1 ÷ 1:4
Range of operating temperatures, °С
-45 ÷ +80
Connecting sizes
М 22×1,5-6H
M 16×1,5-6H
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
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