Braking Force Control Devices

Regulator of Braking Forces (8007.35.33.010)

It is designed for automatic control of compressed air pressure being supplied to the actuating mechanisms (brake chambers or cylinders) depending on the actual axial load of the vehicle (motor car, trailer, semitrailer). Can be used for MAZ, KamAZ, Mogilev ТRANSMASH vehicles.

Springing Element

It is intended for prevention of the damage of the braking force regulator at the travel of the vehicle axle above allowable travel of regulator lever. Springing elements are being produced in two versions 8638.35.33.110, 8638.35.33.110-10.

Automatic Regulator of Braking Forces (8691.35.33.100)

It is intended for automatic adjustment of the braking force of pneumatic brake cylinders on the axes with a pneumosuspension bracket depending on pressure in a pneumocylinder and, accordingly, on loading of the motor car. It can be used for motor cars with pneumosuspension bracket MAZ, KamAZ.

Regulating Lever (8097.35.33.065)

It is intended for installation on various versions of braking force regulators and serves for connection of the regulator through an elastic element with axle beam. It can be applied for KamAZ motor-cars.