Relief Valve with Limited Reverse Flow (8653.35.15.010)

Is being produced as per TR of RB 100185185.081-2006
The valve serves for protection of brake system of the vehicle against loss of compressed air in it during feeding of  other users, in particular during feeding of the brake system of the trailer with compressed air.
Supply of compressed air to the trailer or to auxiliary consumers takes place only upon obtaining of the value of design pressure in the last receiver. Besides this protection against pressure drop in the brake system of the vehicle is being carried out at feeder mains breakdown of the trailer.
At pressure drop in the receivers of the operating brake system there is a partial reverse flow of compressed air till obtaining of the value of closing pressure which depends upon bypass pressure.
Has the Certificates of Conformity  РОСС.BY. АЯ 09.В03226  BY/112 03.1.3 ВФ3389
Technical Data:
Maximum pressure, МPa (kilogram-force/cm²)
1,35 (13,5)
Operating pressure, МPа (kilogram-force/cm²)
0,85 (8,5)
Pressure of switching on, МPа (kilogram-force/cm²)
0,62-0,03 (6,2-0,3)
Pressure of switching-off, МPа (kilogram-force/cm²)
0,55-0,05 (5,5-0,5)
Port sizes
Flow section, mm
Temperature range, o С
-45÷ +80
Overall dimensions, mm, max.
Weight, kg
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