Devices for Air Treatment and Gear Circuit Protection

Devices for air treatment and gear circuit protection

Moisture-oil Separator (8175.35.12.100)

It is designated for cleaning of compressed forced air as well as condensation and extraction of moisture, oil and other contaminations which contain in the air.

Pressure Regulator with Adsorbent (8043.35.12.010)

It is intended for installation in a pneumatic system of the lorries, buses, trolley buses.

Four-circuit Protective Valve (8122.35.15.300, -10)

Is being produced in two versions which differ in loop opening pressure.

Four-circuit Protective Valve (8040.35.15.310-10) (64221-3515310-10)

Designation: division of one supply main into two basic and two additional circuits; automatic switching off of one of the circuits in case of its damage or violation of tightness; preservation of compressed air reserve in the undamaged circuits; in addition provides for paramount filling of the basic circuits. It can be used for MAZ, МZКТ , АМКАDOR vehicles.

Relief Valve with Limited Reverse Flow (8653.35.15.010)

The valve serves for protection of brake system of the vehicle against loss of compressed air in it during feeding of other users, in particular during feeding of the brake system of the trailer with compressed air.